Pins and needles

I spent 20 minutes yesterday morning trying to thread a needle and it was exhausting ! I tried it with glasses on, looking over the top of said glasses, glasses off and with a magnifying glass. Go ahead, laugh, but have you ever tried to thread a needle while holding a magnifying glass with your teeth ? That takes talent my friend.

Now don’t be sitting there all smug, reading this and thinking, “hey dummy they make sewing needles for idiots like you” because I know this and I have some, I just couldn’t remember where I put them !

I’ve heard it said that the key to staying young is keeping busy and if that’s so then I have turned back the clock at least 10 years in the past week.
On Friday, I do believe, that I set a personal record for things accomplished. I got up at 6 AM, by 8 AM I was scrubbing the deck and at 9 o’clock I was brushing polyurethane on a bench. Around midday I received an « emergency » phone call from one of our local attorneys who was in dire need of computer maintenance. I removed my « dirty work » clothes, put on my « clean work » clothes, brushed my hair, put my flash drive around my neck and headed out. That particular chore took a couple of hours but was very productive and I must admit that I enjoy the fact that men, in particular, seem to be in awe of a woman computer tech. I not only repaired his computer but I walked away with a retainer to design a website for his firm.

I also had to make a few stops on my way home. The attorney was so impressed with my flash drive that he asked me to stop at Radio Shack to choose one for him and have them hold it until one of his office staff could pick it up. (I have doubts that he will know what to do with it but if he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll phone.) It was a busy day that came at the end of a busy week and I’m pooped, but boy don’t I feel young!

Yeah !So maybe it was the fact that I hauled my arse out of bed so early or that the fumes from the polyurethane caused my inability to thread a needle… yeah there’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, even though my lame attempt at sewing came before the painting. Not that it really matters, because as far as I’m concerned, sewing is for sissies with young eyesight but fixing computers, now that’s a job for a mature woman !

Oh and for what it’s worth… I wouldn’t use Windows Vista on a dare. Vista reminds me of my ex-husband. It isn’t compatible with anything, it lacks communication skills and it’s just plain frustrating. I’ve worked through and on every Windows system since ‘95 , prior to that I used MS-DOS and IMO Vista ranks down there with 2000.

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