and the Oscar goes to…

April 23rd, 2007

Jesús, María y José!
This is just so inappropriate, on so many levels, that I don’t know where to begin.

The Purple HeartKilleen Daily Herald
COPPERAS COVE – History will be made today when Copperas Cove resident Bill Thomas and his wife, Georgia, present President George W. Bush with a Purple Heart at the Oval Office.
Thomas said he and his wife came up with the unprecedented idea to present the president with the Purple Heart over breakfast one morning a few months ago as they discussed the verbal attacks, both foreign and domestic, the commander in chief has withstood during his time in office.
“We feel like emotional wounds and scars are as hard to carry as physical wounds,” Thomas said. The medal was awarded to Thomas on Dec. 18, 1965, following injuries he sustained while serving in heavy combat with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam. It is one of three he was awarded during his service.
Thomas said the Purple Heart he is presenting the president has special meaning to him because the injury he suffered to earn it occurred just after a friend, Richard Peterson, lost his life attempting to save him”.

There’s more and if you can stomach it, you can read it by clicking the link. I read it with mixed emotion, nausea, amazement, anger… to mention a few. It seems that this fellow believes that Dumya should be given the Purple Heart for emotional pain and suffering. It is Thomas’s medal and he has the right to do what he wants with it, but give me a break here ! If the Purple Heart were issued for emotional pain and suffering, then everyone with a child, a mother, father, brother, friend… serving in Bush’s Folly in Iraq should be given the medal.

My late father-in-law had two Purple Hearts, earned by being wounded in WW2 during the Battle of the Bulge. My grandfather had one that he received when he was wounded at Normandy and I have other family members who also received the medal from their service in Vietnam, so to give this medal to a man who never served, never saw the first sign of battle and who cannot even prove that he finished his service with the National Guard because the documents mysteriously disappeared, and because his job ratings are in the shitter and his « wittle feewings might be hurt« , makes me livid. I would bet money that it isn’t going to bode well with actual veterans who may see this as a slap in the face regarding their military service and bravery. Hell’s Bells ! has Bush even attended one service for fallen military personnel ? As far as I am aware the answer to that question is No. I doubt he has the intestinal fortitude to face the families.

bushlightsuitBush already lives in his own reality, one that is much displaced from the real world. Does he really need to be enabled more by adding to his delusions of grandeur. Remember his bravado, his « landing » the plane on the deck of an aircraft carrier his strut in his flight-suit and his declaration of Mission Accomplished ? The man loves to play dress-up, cowboy hats, flight suits, and lord knows what else. The last thing he needs are more people enabling his fantasies.

This is just way over the line, it’s an insult to the military veterans who were killed and whose bodies were maimed serving this country when they were needed and I really think that I will not be the only person who cries « Stop the Madness ! » What if Karl Rove decides that what Bush needs now is an honorary crown.

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The ComtesseComtesse

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2 commentaires pour and the Oscar goes to…

  1. Cowboy dit :

    C’est pas bien ça, Totem, on n’apprend pas ses leçons. Le mot « charabia » (= gobbledegook) est apparu à plusieurs reprises dans les colonnes de Comtesse et j’en ai fourni, à chaque fois, la traduction. J’exige donc qu’il soit copié cent fois dans un prochain commentaire. Ah mais ! I’m not the usual teacher, you know !

  2. Comtesse dit :

    Oh geeze CB, totem can gobbledegook all he wants. (assuming that totem is a he and not a she.)
    He is, for the most part, the only reader who ever posts a reply to me and the ‘Ugly American’ gets a bit lonely here in the land of the French. 😉

    totem, when I was teaching English, I always credited the students for effort.
    I was not the usual teacher either. 🙂


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