Educational Infinity

At 5 AM yesterday morning, I had an epiphany. I realized that I have to be one of the most educated women in the world. I have been to elementary school four times, high school four times and I’ve graduated from college three times and am participating in classes now.

The question is this : will I ever learn to tell them to do it themselves ? Probably not and the reason is because no matter how educated I am they are smarter than me. They use challenges, “Oh I bet you can’t do that PowerPoint in an hour” or they use flattery, “but Mom, you are so good at this sort of thing and I know that if you add your personal touch it’s going to be a winner”. Yep they play on my ego and my vanity and I know this, however I can’t seem to say no. So how smart does that make me ? It makes me dumb as a box of hair but I would like to emphasize to each of them that they cannot have children until my mind is completely mush. I’m way too old to be pulling all night cram sessions during mid-terms now, and I sure as heck don’t want to do it 15 years from now.
I don’t care how cute or persuasive those future grandchildren may be.

Time to stop the madness

(PS… I got an A)

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2 commentaires pour Educational Infinity

  1. Comtesse dit :

    I enjoy your photos, totem 🙂


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