Lately I have been wondering if something has altered with regard to my communication skills. There seems be a decline in communication between myself and the people around me. More and more I find myself giving explanation for text published online as well as normal, everyday conversations and as a result I find myself growing increasingly frustrated. This difficulty has me puzzled mostly because the people I converse with the most are the ones who don’t seem to get me and until lately there was never a problem. So my question is : what has happened ?

Is it possible that I am « speaking in tongues » and am totally unaware that it is happening ? I have read that people who « speak in tongues » do so in the throes of a religious euphoria. One of my sons experienced this phenomenon on a school field trip when his first grade teacher was suddenly overcome and began speaking what he said was « gobbledegook » he became convinced she was an alien. I understood that a school bus full of six year olds is enough to call upon divine intervention. However, the possibility of my « speaking in tongues » was eliminated immediately since I find nothing at all euphoric about religion. Have I become inarticulate ? Do I mumble, slur, and garble my phrases ? Is my aging brain not firing in sync with my speech neurons or are my synapses not synapping ?

I intentionally mix metaphors because the standards bore me, but does this appear as though I am dyslexic typing (transposing letters on the keyboard ?)

I love the use of analogies because they amuse me and I hope to amuse my readers but are they amused or merely confused ?

No, I really don’t think that I have lost my skills to communicate; but I do think that to a certain extent people have lost the capacity to focus. The average person’s attention span has grown increasingly shorter; my children prove this to me on a daily basis.

Rather than have deep, meaningful conversations we prefer a condensed version so we can move on to the next topic or task. It is almost as if we are verbally using an SMS, and thinking that we are only allowed a limited number of words or characters.

Then of course there is always the possibility that I have just become exceedingly dull in my advancing years and if the blank stares I receive from my kids (or as I call it the Tune Mom out look) are any indication this could be the sum total my dilemma.

So here is a proposition for you, the reader. A pop quiz with a single question.
Without reading the above again, what two words did I use to describe typographical errors ?

If you did not cheat by re-reading the text above post the two words in the Comments box at the bottom just to let me know that you still « get me. »
RU listnin? Cn u heA me nw ?

Damn ! Just as I suspected.

Source : Off the cuff.

The ComtesseComtesse

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