8:42:10 PM

Tonight is the night I have been anticipating and dreading. I’ve ordered Chinese food, had my shower and I will within the hour watch the « State of the Union » (SOTU). I expect it will be the shortest address Bush has made since he took office not to mention a good escape from reality television. I also have the bourbon ready. I’ve decided to play T Shooters. Every time Bush says the word « terror » or « terrorist », I will have a drink. If I’m not too drunk I may have more to say afterwarddance.1169682794.gif

7:42:49 PM

Well, it’s afterward. Actually it’s almost 24 hours afterward and considering the fact that Bush said the word « terrorist » 9 times and the word « terror » 14 times, I am surprised that I am upright. As I expected Bush served up the SOTU (State Of The Union) the exact same way that he has for the past 5 years, he just changed the order of the menu. I don’t recall hearing anything that I haven’t heard the past. He basically spat the same old rhetoric which I prefer to call bullshit, interjected with a little new bullshit, but it still smelled the same.

Bush SOTU talking points (or what I heard):

Blah blah blah Nancy Pelosi = Charming Bullshit 
Blah blah blah Economic Growth = Domestic Bullshit
Blah blah blah Balanced Budget = Funny Bullshit
Blah blah blah Health Care = $ Bullshit
Blah blah blah Freedom = Yeah Right! Bullshit
Blah blah blah Troop Escalation = Paranoid & Lying Bullshit
Blah blah blah Environment = Saying what I think you want to hear Bullshit

He finished the speech by acknowledging a couple of people in the gallery for whatever reason but I know that he only did this to steer us away from his remarks that may have left a bitter taste in our mouths. The on-going debacle that is New Orleans due to Katrina was not mentioned at all.

My college professor of public speaking taught that no matter what the speech topic the speaker should leave the audience with a positive thought. The Bush speech writers should understand that Bush needs more than just an upbeat closure for his speech because they know that the vast majority of the American people no longer believe a word he says. And no matter how well he/they garnish the plate that he serves his « vision » on, it will still taste and smell for what it is,


* POTUS = President Of The United States.
SOTU = State Of The Union.

Source : Off the cuff.

The speech by Democratic Senator Jim Webb as a response to the State of the Union message over shadowed POTUS’s SOTU like a giant redwood.

 The ComtesseComtesse

NB posez le curseur sur les mots et expressions soulignés noirs pour afficher la traduction (ou l’explicitation du discours de Bush sur les thèmes en gras : Blah blah blah etc.)

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